Sunday, 20 October 2013

Eau de Wet Dog!

Yesterday I took Hugo and Pip up on to Selsley Common, it was very dull and overcast but not actually raining. Until, of course, we were 10 minutes in to the walk and you could see the black clouds rapidly approaching and, even worse, hear the rumble of thunder. For those of you who do not know it, Selsley is at the top of a hill with fantastic views over the Severn valley but it is very bleak when the weather turns bad with winds whistling up the side of the hill. 

Pip drying off under her blanket
I quickly decided to cut the walk short and we started to loop back when the heavens opened. I dared not shelter under one of the very few trees on the Common just in case there was any lightening accompanying the thunder and thought the best thing to do was brave it out and keep walking. The rain became torrential - huge, hard drops, almost like hail, that stung and blinded us as well as totally soaking us to the skin. Hugo, Pip and I were absolutely dripping. Pip did not seem to mind at all and just carried on her normal spinning round in circles, sniffing and rummaging in the undergrowth. Hugo, on the other hand, was not amused! His ears were flat back and his eyes almost closed and I virtually had to drag him to make him walk. At last we got back to the car (I had borrowed Martin, my OHs as Toby had mine) and we all leapt in. The whole inside of the car was saturated as Hugo and Pip shook and I dripped everywhere. When we got home Pip was easily dried with a towel but Hugo wasn't so keen and they were both still a bit damp at bedtime.

Hugo's puppy pink feet
This afternoon I had to fit in walking Hugo and Pip with picking Toby up from work and collecting some paperwork so I took them up on Minchinhampton Common which is very flat with just an odd tree on it (oh, yes, cows as well). Would you believe it, just after we had set off it started to rain again and gradually got worse and worse so we did take shelter under a tree - when I say tree it was one of those hard bitten things that takes all the brunt of the winds and was more like a bush on a stem. It did protect us to a certain degree and Hugo and I stood close to the trunk out of the worst of the rain. Miss Pip though, refused point blank to take shelter and stood at the full stretch of the extender lead out in the open with her head pointing in the the wind and rain which was, by now, falling almost parallel to the ground. She looked like a spiky hedgehog by the time we got back in the car (mine today) and threw ourselves inside. Another steamed up, soaking wet car interior for the second day running.

Everywhere I go at the moment I get the waft of wet dog!! Not very pleasant and rather hoping we don't get visitors for a few days - I've already had to apologise profusely to people I have given a lift too and had to leave the windows open as we drove along as the smell was so bad. The plus side is that Hugo and Pip are lovely and clean at the moment and the pads on Hugo's feet have gone puppy pink again now that all the dirt and mud has been washed away.

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Mother to the rescue!

In the bedroom - Pip prefers the comfort
 of the bed
In the bedroom - whereas Hugo prefers
to be nosey!

Walking on Selsley Common - this is what happens
when you take two dogs on your own and you
meet a marker post! - you need to watch to the end.

I took Hugo and Pip up on the common as usual this afternoon and we had a lovely walk, especially as we weren't bothered by any off-lead dogs. However, we did encounter something just as bad on the way back - off-lead cows!! Normally they do not take any notice of us at all, however hard Hugo tries to challenge them to a fight. Today, though we were walking about 10 feet away from one of them and Hugo had his eyes firmly fixed on another dog in the distance when, all of a sudden, the cow (which had massive horns!) put down it's head and started to charge, obviously with the intention of tossing him in the air. Hugo stood stock still, staring at it so I, brave mother that I am, yanked him back and rushed forward myself, virtually growling at the cow and banging the cases of the two extender leads together. The cow didn't stand a chance really and backed off much to our relief. And where was Pip in all this - hiding behind my legs. Honestly, I thought they were meant to protect me, not the other way around.